Piano Technician

Piano tuning is among the most important services in piano maintenance. For music enthusiasts who appreciate the sound of the piano, there is nothing worse than distorted sound coming from this revered instrument. In fact, to most piano owners, this is not just a music instrument but a work of art that is treasured. For the best piano notes, it is critical to use the services of a highly experienced piano tuner. For piano owners in Fountain, CO, and surrounding areas, there is no better tuning service than Shoffner Piano Movers. This is the premier piano handling service offering a full gamut of piano solutions.
From piano moving to restoration, this company has been doing it all for years. With their vast experience working with all brands of pianos, the company has faithfully served the city and surrounding areas of Colorado Springs, Monument, and Falcon. Their reliability and know-how in the intricate workings of this magnificent music instrument have made this the first stop for anyone looking for a professional piano technician in the area.
Shoffner Piano Movers is committed to 100% satisfaction and to achieve this, it has hired highly experienced and Registered Piano Technicians (RPTs). These technicians are well versed in this music instrument having worked for decades with the same. They are natural tuners entrusting their music expertise to get the piano back into shape. Their full-service tuning focuses on standard tuning, pins and pin block, pitch raise, soundboard, plate, and regulation to get the best aural tuning effects. For any residents in Fountain, and neighboring areas looking for piano tuning, there is no better place to start.
The piano services offered by this local company start with a free no-obligation quote. The technicians explain all that needs to be done and give clients tips on how best to care for this beautiful music instrument.
Call today for reliable and convenient piano solutions in Fountain and the neighborhoods at the most affordable prices.